Project Title I-kit
Project Category Invention
Abstract I-kit is a collection of learning aids integrated into an entity with the sole purpose of assisting students to solve integral problems. The kit employs an integrated approach with one aid complementing the others to enhance the learning experience of the users. The main learning aid in the kit consists of a set of printed maps of the integration techniques, a CD covering the various integration techniques, a help manual, a set of reinforcement exercises and glossary. The printed maps are at the heart of the learning process. The maps give the big picture of the different techniques and how they are related to one another. The maps are modelled after the concept mapping proposed by Novak and Canas (2007). The various integration techniques help students solve a multitude of integral problems. As these integrals take a myriad form of expressions, students sometimes find it hard to identify which is the relevant technique of integration to use. The maps are powerful tools to facilitate the users to search for the correct technique by guiding them through clear and defined steps. Weaker students need clear guidelines to assist them throughout the whole problem solving process and this product can assist in this respect. The product has its pedagogical and meta-theoretical roots in concept mapping and meaningful learning as proposed by both Novak (2006) and Ausubel (1968). Cognitive cartography plays a crucial role in enhancing the clarity, usefulness and simplicity of the procedure. The maps incorporate research-based and pedagogically sound material to make it visually attractive and contextually rich for students who need reinforcement and a source of reference.
Validation Status Validated
Validation Date 2010-11-19


Staff Status
Kelvin Goh Tee Hiong Leader
Nor Hazizah Binti Julaihi Member
Tang Howe Eng, Dr. Member
Voon Li Li Member


Event Name Event Date Event Level Achievement Event Venue
7th Invention, Innovation & Design (IID) 2010 2010-01-12 UiTM Bronze Dewan Sri Budiman & Annexe, UiTM Shah Alam