Diploma in Nursing (HS110)

Programme Details

The nursing programme is a center of learning that produces nurses who are competent in critical thinking skills, caring, provide holistic care, and promote health in the community. The nursing programme strives to educate caring, humane, competent, professional nurses who are able to adapt innovatively to technological advances in the ever-changing health care of the nation through regularly updating the curriculum, learning and teaching methodology. The graduates should be able to promote, maintain and restore health, and prevent diseases in the community; provide quality, effective and comprehensive nursing care using nursing process; apply the skills of management when planning and implementing health care services; accountable for all nursing practices as stipulated by the Nurses' Act; participate as a competent team; teach health care to individuals, families and community and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health; establish, facilitate and maintain good interpersonal relationship with patients, families, community and fellow workers; develop self-awareness and commitment to lifelong professional development; develop interest for career advancement into nursing subspecialties, hospital management, and teaching in educational programmes. The study duration is three years with a total of six semesters. The Intake is once a year in June.

Job Opportunities

The graduates have high employability rate. They are able to grasp various job opportunities in the health care disciplines which include in the clinical settings, health promotion and education. They can hold the post of registered nurses and nursing managers in both the public and private health care facilities; clinical instrutors and nursing educators in the nursing training institutions; and as health care product representatives/promoters.

Further Study Opportunities

The graduates can choose to further their studies in any other degree programme in other faculties of any universities as long as they meet the requirement. If they choose to remain in the nursing profession, with the experience in related nursing disciplines they can pursue their studies to post basic specialties nursing, degree, master and PHD in Nursing.

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