Diploma in Information Management (IM110)

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Job Opportunities

The graduates of this program can opt for careers in different sectors and fields in both government and private sectors. Popular job positions among the graduates are as follows: Assistant Information Officers Assistant Librarian Executive Assistant Assistant Administration Officers Assistant Document Officers Assistant Record Officers Assistant Medical Record Officers

Further Study Opportunities

The graduates of this program can further their studies in several areas at degree level such as : Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Library Management - IM244 This program focuses on work related to library management and information organization in libraries and information centers. Provides and trains people with skills and competencies in management, ICT, information literacy, information storage and processing and retrieval (manuals and computerized techniques), through a variety of teaching modes and assessment throughout the duration of the program. Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Information Systems Management - IM245 This program recognizes information as a strategic recourse. It is designed to educate and train students with knowledge and skills in managing information. It involves analyzing, designing, developing, and managing various types of information systems for identifying, acquiring, organizing, storing, and retrieving as well as disseminating information for users' strategic and competitive purposes. Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Records Management - IM246 This program covers the many facets of managing records and archives in organization. Students are exposed with principles and techniques of managing active and inactive records and archival materials. Students are also prepared for preservation of archival materials and archival management of electronic records. This program also emphasizes on the usage and application of information technology in building records system and on the management of the different categories of records such as management of legal, medical, engineering, business, manuscript, Islamic information and architectural records. Bachelor of Information Science (Hons) Resource Centre Management - IM247 This program focuses on the management of academic resource center and library, encompasses Resource Centre Management , ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Education as its core areas of specialization. These three fields are offered as major and minor courses in order to prepare and produce highly knowledgeable and skillful information professionals to work in resource centers and academic institutions either in public or private sector.

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