Diploma in Halal Management (IC120)

Programme Details

Diploma in Halal Management is a programme aimed at producing industry ready graduates who are knowledgeable with the fundamental in Halal management. The Graduates able to look forward to a bright future in the growth halal industry in the area of nutrition, halal related services, hospitality & tourism, quality management, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, finance and entrepreneurship. Upon completion of this programme, the students will equip with industry ready skills and academic knowledge that will provide the student with succeeds in the industry in order to materializing Malaysia as a global Halal Hub. In addition, the diploma graduates able to further their degree at UiTM or other Malaysia's Higher Learning Institution.

Job Opportunities

Halal Executive Halal Auditor Halal and QA Executive Halal and Quality Control Executive Halal Consultants Teachers Lecturers Government bodies like Jabatan Agama Islam, Majlis Islam Negeri, JAKIM, etc.

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Puan Sharifah Anom Omar Head Of Academic Center UiTM Sarawak, Kota Samarahan anom@uitm.edu.my