Diploma in Environmental Health (HS113)

Programme Details

1. Interdisciplinary program curricula include basic learning in health sciences, engineering, mathematics and physical and social sciences. It is able to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the health hazards in the environment and to equip them with the ability to measure, evaluate and apply the methods of controlling the hazards. The scope of the course includes food hygiene, vector control and rodents, infectious disease investigations, public healthcare facilities, public recreation facilities, solid waste management, water supply and sewerage systems, occupational safety and health and environmental pollution. 2. This program is relevant to the current needs to address environmental health and occupational safety issues which are now seriously taken care of by the government and the public. With legislative requirements such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1994, the Environmental Quality Act 1974, this program can meet the requirements of the legislation. 3. Full-time study with six semesters in a total minimum duration of three years. 4. Learning and teaching methods are lectures, practical, tutorials, blended learning, fieldwork and practical training in the field. 5. The first four semesters: on campus and the last two semesters: practical in the health office.

Job Opportunities

Graduates from this program are indispensable in government and private agencies as an implementing group to carry out investigations, inspections, monitoring, prevention and prevention of public health such as the Ministry of Health, Local Authorities and other statutory bodies. In addition, these graduates are also required by the Industry as a healthcare practitioner and occupational safety officer in the oil and gas industry, construction site and so on.

Further Study Opportunities

The graduates of this program can further their studies in a vast area at degree level. The students have the opportunity to do their degree in a various field of Health Sciences, Applied Sciences and Social Sciences. -

Admission Requirement

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Contact Us

For further information and details on the program, please contact: 1. Mrs Siti Nor Ain Binti Seri Masran Senior Lecturer Department of Environmental Health Faculty of Health Sciences Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sarawak. Tel: +6082-677200 Email: sitinorain@uitm.edu.my 2. Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Saili Ketua Pusat Pengajian Pusat Pengajian Agroteknologi, Perladangan dan Sains Kesihatan Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sarawak. Tel: +6082-677870 Email: arsaili@sarawak.uitm.edu.my