Diploma in Computer Science (CS110)

Programme Details

Diploma in Computer Science (CS110) is a program that is conducted over five (5) semesters (2 1/2 years) in UiTM Cawangan Sarawak. The objectives of this program are: - to prepare students for the challenging tasks by providing courses from the abstraction level up until implementation and deployment. - to shape the mind and body of the students into strong and versatile individuals that are capable to cope with the demanding computing work environment. - to let students feel a real work environment. The content designed for the curriculum covers the courses such as basic computing, programming, operating systems, networking, database, as well as Mathematics and English.

Job Opportunities

The graduate of this program can seek employment in any computing-related field such as: 1. Career after Diploma - Web Designers, Programmers - Technical Writers - Networking and Mobile Computing Experts - System Analysts 2. Career after Degree - Systems Engineers - Application Developer - Business System Consultants - e-Commerce Technology Manager - Network Systems Engineer - Network Security Analyst - Network and Data Communication Analyst - System Developers - System Designers - Information System Engineers - Web Masters - Network Administrator - Computer Network Developer - Telecommunication Specialist and Support - Animators - Real-time Visualization Experts - Multimedia Applications Developer - Multimedia Programmers - Game Developers and etc.

Further Study Opportunities

The graduates of this program can further their studies in a vast area at degree level. The students have the options to do their degree in Bachelor of Science (Hons) IT, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Statistics, Bachelor of IT (Hons) Intelligent Systems Engineering, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business Computing, Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Data Communication and Networking, Bachelor of IT (Hons) Information System Engineering, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Computational Mathematics, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Management Mathematics, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Mathematics, Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Netcentric Computing and Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Multimedia Computing in UiTM and any universities in Malaysia.

Admission Requirement

Notable Alumni

Contact Us

For futher information and details on the program, please contact: Dr. Lee Beng Yong Ketua Pusat Pengajian Sains Komputer dan Pengurusan Pelancongan UiTM Cawangan Sarawak, Kampus Samarahan 2 Tel: +6082 678289 Email: bylee@uitm.edu.my