UiTM Sarawak is committed to achieving Sustainable Development Goals by giving its best in providing quality education, impactful research projects, effective and efficient operation and governance, and enhanced external leadership.


  • Integrate SDG and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into all academic programs.
  • Advocate for UiTM and national education policies that support education for SDGs.
  • Student engagement in supporting learning on SDGs.
  • Support interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on SDGs.
  • Encourage and support the researcher to engage in global research community efforts to support the SDG.
  • Actively involved in government SDG initiatives.
  • Align the university governance structure and operational policies in aiming SDGs.
  • Map the university strategic plan with the SDGs.
  • Strengthen public engagement and participation in addressing SDGs.
  • Initiate and facilitate cross-sectoral SDGs initiative.
  • Promote the Champion in SDG e.g. expert on SDG on campus.


  • E-Kasih Tani Strategic Program with the B40 group in collaboration with the Agriculture Office and the Samarahan Resident Office.
  • Technical Consultation for Multi -Level Fertigation Agricultural System Project.
  • Techno-Farm Project in Sebuyau.
  • Kebuniti 2.0 Pertanian Bandar (E-Penjana) Komuniti.

  • Tautan Kasih Program.
  • Food Bank UiTM Cawangan Sarawak.
  • UiTM Prihatin: Food Assistance Program.
  • Food Security and Sustainability: Exploring the Malaysian and Japanese Youth Participation in Agriculture.

  • Community Service at Lion Nursing Home by NUSAS.
  • Guest speaker for Guest Lecture Series on Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Guest speaker for Guest Lecture Series on SDGs.
  • Community Outreach Programme by Robotronic Club.
  • Sarawak Invention, Innovation and Design Expo (SIIDEx) 2019.

  • Portable treated water treatment plan of pond water at UiTM Sarawak.
  • Design and Performance Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plant in UiTM Sarawak.
  • Water recycling at the fountain.
  • Rainwater harvesting project in the campus.
  • River rehabilitation of Sungai Sarawak

  • Free bike-share to campus community.
  • Street light using solar panel.
  • Smart farming project with IoT system.
  • Energy efficient street lamp.

  • Eco-Tourism Project to empower the socio-economic community of Kampung Pulau Salak, Sarawak.
  • Sarawak Village Entrepreneur Transformation Program in Sebuyau 2019.
  • Eco-Tourism Project to empower the socio-economic community of Kampung Punan Jaya, Lawas, Sarawak.
  • Eco-Tourism Project to empower the socio-economic community of Mukum, Sarawak.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fair 2019.
  • Borneo International Drone and Robotics Explore (DROBOTEX).
  • 3R Sculpture made of HDPE plastic waste.

  • Determinants of Smart Farming Technology Adoption Among Farmers in Malaysia.
  • Outcome Study on Entrepreneurship Programs by Entrepreneur and Community Development Division (Sarawak Economic Development Corporation).
  • Handicapped pedestrians path.
  • Handicapped access Facilities.
  • Health Infrastructure.

  • Development of a Sustainable Goals Disclosure Index (SDGi) for Malaysian Local Authorities.
  • 2nd International Plantation Conference: A Sustainable Approach for Diversifying Livelihood and Environment in Plantation Industry.
  • Vegetable cultivation in aquaponic systems.
  • Oyster mushroom cultivation project at the Aqua and Agrotech Center.
  • Indoor air quality monitoring in the office.

  • Recycling programme in UiTM Sarawak.
  • Guest speaker in the webinar on Covid-19’s Impact on Local Waste Production and Management.
  • Toxic waste management.
  • Green Technology Project: The Green Gold Recycling of agro wastes into biochar and application of biochar as biofertilizer and soil amendment.
  • No Plastic and Polystyrene Policy in the Cafeteria.
  • Indoor air quality monitoring in the office.

  • UiTM Sarawak is a strategic collaborator for 1st International Conference of Air Quality and Climate Change (AQCC).
  • Planted vegetation in campus.
  • Tree planting programme.
  • Efficient energy consumption signage.
  • Open corridor concept and the use of glass windows allow daylight saving.

  • Crab Population Study Project in Kampung Penat River Estuary, Mukah.
  • Udang Galah Breeding Webinar.
  • Tilapia fish production project at the Aqua and Agrotek Center.

  • Fertigation chilli plants at Aqua and Agrotech Center.
  • Recreational Carrying Capacity Study at Bako National Park.
  • Broiler Project.

  • A Conceptual Green Procurement Capability Model for the Construction Industry.
  • Creating Green Campus for Happiness and Wellbeing.
  • Guest speaker for Role of Higher Education in Green Economy through SDGs Initiative.

  • ERASMUS Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education Program Project: Master Programme in Family Business Management 22 Partners from European Programme Partners (Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Greece) and Asian Country Partners (Bhutan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal and Philippines).
  • ERASMUS Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education Program MSc Course in Food Processing and Innovation (FOODI).
  • Asia Palm Oil Study on Impact of Palm Oil on Developing Countries.